Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Sometimes, the fairy tale has a sad ending...

The Prince is losing his battle with Multiple Myeloma.  It is so hard for me to comprehend that in October there was "no evidence of disease"... and now this.

I have no words... I am numb... I am frozen in time.  Can I take care of him until he takes his last breath?  OF COURSE I CAN.   Can I understand why we are on this path?  NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE.

Family and friends have been so supportive... so warm and loving.  They all say the same thing to me "I am so heartbroken for you two".... Please, please do not let us be the source of your heartbreak.  When you think of us, please think of the wonderful life we enjoyed, albeit short.  We were given this chance at love and laughter everyday for the past 3 years.  

When I think of Dennis, I will remember all the little things that made us laugh.  He reads me the paper every morning - starting with the back page and moving forward.  I know more about hockey, golf, baseball and football than any woman has a right to know.  My personal favorite is the way he LOVES to read me the obituaries - and if he sees the last name of "Jones", he swears he worked with that guy's relative - because there  is only one Jones family on Long Island, right?  We carefully navigate the puzzle page, some he does, some I do and some we do together.  

He has an incredible thirst for minutia!  Something would pop into his mind and he would research it all day and give me a full report: ex. what island in the South Pacific has the best vegetation -  He studied this stuff like he was going to be a Jeopardy contestant and this was going to be the final question!

He loves music - well, not all music - he loves HIS music - We danced in the kitchen and sang on long car rides.  We took dance class for 3 semesters - always the beginner class.  we figured at some point we would be the best in the class..... that never happened!!

He has taught me so much about life... most importantly, he showed me that I was capable of falling in love again.  He truly earned the title of "Prince".

(Dennis died 4 days after this post....)

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