Thursday, September 12, 2019

I wonder what's next?

I am in my new home for nearly 3 weeks and so pleased to say it has felt like "home" from day one.  Within 3 days, each box was emptied and I met every surrounding neighbor.  

Brandy and I have settled into a routine and I am surrounded by serenity.  I continue to start each day by being grateful for my blessings.

The past couple days, I found myself looking back at the events of the past 4 years.  In retrospect, there have been so many highs and lows.... I only allowed myself a brief dip in the pity pool even though the "lows" were devastating as the "highs" were plentiful.

I am blessed to have been deeply loved by two wonderful men.  I am honored to have held them both as they left this world.  I am part of their fairy tale.  Their fairy tale had a happy ending as they lived happily ever after....  

My story is not over yet.

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