Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Does everybody have a neighbor like this?

I moved into an old fashioned neighborhood.  Within 2 days, every neighbor came over to welcome me.  I feel safe here.  9 out of 10 of my neighbors have dogs.  All of my neighbors carry treats in their pockets for each other's dogs.  Everyone knows the names of all the dogs who live here.... I love how people come by and say, "Hi, Brandy!".... or how my next door neighbor came home from work the other day and said, "Love your new haircut, Brandy".

I work from home.... I hear cars passing by.  In the Fall, I hear the High School marching band practicing outside (1/2 mile away).  I hear nannies pushing strollers.  I hear the Amazon delivery guy as he puts packages on my front porch.  I hear life happening all around, everyday.  

To that one guy who has:

  • filed a complaint to the town regarding my neighbor's dog:  That dog is 12 yes old.  He is seldom outside - how dare you say that he is continuously barking!

  • complained to another neighbor about his dogs being out all day barking:  My neighbors both work!  Their mother comes over to let the dogs out once a day, and brings them back in the house again!

  • spoken to my children about how Brandy's barking is interfering with his quality of life: My dog is 10 years old (one year older that her life expectancy!) - She is rarely outside alone and only barks when she is protecting my property!

  • filed a complaint to the town regarding my dog:  She only hates you!  In what universe is it ok for you to come to my fence, provoke my dog, then videotape her barking at you?

  • complained to one neighbor about another neighbor's wind chimes: SERIOUSLY, Bro?? I see is no ordinance about wind chimes....

... I am waiting for an Amazon delivery today.... we may all be getting new wind chimes.......

**update: one week after this was posted, this neighbor put his house up for sale**

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