Thursday, January 30, 2020

A New Year, A Better ME

I made a resolution to leave all the crap from 2019 in 2019.... It was not entering 2020 with me. I decided to spend 2020 living my life, my way.

I still have the right to be an emotional mess - but I did that last year.  It was not fun and I will do everything in my power never to revisit that destination again.  Shit happened. I dealt with it.  I packed it away.

January has come to a close:  

  • I celebrated my birthday several times:  A slumber party with a dozen High School Friends (which deserves it's own blog post!), visits from my children, and a Blind Date. 
  • I went on an epic vacation with my best friend. Punta Cana will always remember us.
  • I started walking each morning.  I'm never gonna be skinny, this body is what it is...  but I want to be able to chase my granddaughters on a playground and dance for hours to live music without getting winded.
  • I made a decision to never turn down an invitation... so I went out a lot... and I will continue to do so. 

Life is short.  Life is fragile.  Life is for the living.  I am determined to live my best life everyday.  

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