Sunday, January 19, 2020

I talk to strangers

I just returned from a week's vacation in Punta Cana.  My "sister from another mister", Rose, was my partner in crime.  Rarely do you find a friend who loves you unconditionally... we are lucky to have each other.  We walk the same path and continually encourage each other to keep moving forward.
 Not only were we perfect roommates for each other,  our laughter made us a magnet for other vacationers:

To the Massachusetts Couple:  Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story, your warmth and smiles.  Hearing how you reconnected after so many years was like listening to a real life fairy tale.  If it's possible, you made drinking and dancing way more fun for us.  

To the Canada Couple:   LOVED hearing your story.... especially the part where he has her dinner waiting for her each night.... I am so glad you found each other.  Remembering his Scottish brogue and her hearty laughter will always make my heart happy.

To the London traveler: Thanks for enduring all my nicknames for you: Mr. London, London Bridge, Blue Shorts.... So glad we had the opportunity for some deep conversations... I wish a fairy tale for you - I hope you find your princess.  Life is better when shared.  The little English man who lives in my GPS is now named Alex.

To my Canada Couple with the same first names:  You will never know how much you touched my heart.  We exchanged stories with laughter, and sometimes with tear filled eyes.  We had an immediate connection.   Seeing polka dot socks will always remind me of you and your wedding story.  Your gentle kindness will always be with me.  As Dorothy said to the Scarecrow: "I'm gonna miss you most of all".

Whoever said, "Don't talk to strangers!" was SO wrong.  Everyone I meet in life has the potential to leave an impression on my soul.  I have found that going through life with my head up and a smile is  an invitation for people to reach out... 

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